CALL: 01628 311 493
CALL: 01628 311 493


About Robert N

Robert is a masterful guitar player with a rich and impassioned voice. He has crafted a gorgeous folky, acoustic sound. With an infectious love of the songs he plays, Robert’s performances are great fun and set a wonderful atmosphere for the whole night. Not one to shy away from challenging or unusual songs, he has a vast repertoire containing many songs which you won’t have heard in ages but you will know every word.

Combining his mesmerising guitar playing and vocals with innovative foot percussion and high-tech looping technology, many of Robert’s songs have a sound far bigger and deeper than that of a solo musician.

He has honed his skills by playing all across the UK; Robert will be a brilliant addition to your event.

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  • Acoustic
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
DURATION2 x 1 hour sets, or 3 x 45 minutes.
EQUIPMENTLighting available on request
INSURANCEPAT and Insurance Certificates available on request

• Available to perform all over the UK
• Provides MP3 music between sets
• Ideal for volume restricted venues
• Perfect for venues with restricted space